A dream clear in mind.

It was barely a dream of a loving couple who visioned together of having their own little resort and hotel in front of a beach someday, especially when they get old and retire. That is how Asaricha started. Progressively they made this dream into realization. 

It has always been the wife’s passion to help people like her who have the same aspiration of working abroad. They sacrificed to be away from their loved ones just to earn and give them a good life here in the Philippines. With God’s grace, she was able to assist many nurses in fulfilling their desire of moving and working in Norway. Even if she is already retired, she still wants to continue finding ways to help people and give them opportunities in pursuing their ambitions and in providing support to their families. The Good Lord gave her so many blessings that she did not expect and this motivates her to share her blessings with others through this newly built resort.

The name ASARICHA. 

The owner took up nursing to fulfill the dreams of her parents of having a child that who finished college and used it as a steppingstone in going abroad. She moved to Norway in 1980 with nothing at hand. It was only her determination and faith that kept her strong and perseverein a totally strange place. She started working not as a nurse, but she was really resolved to become one and luckily, she realized her aim. 

She got married to a very responsible Norwegian man and they were gifted with a loving son who lives happily in his new family of four.

During those years, she was able to put up a company and managed it for more than 20 years. This undertaking has been so dear to her because it helped so many people to achieve their dreams too. Two years before her retirement, she sold the company. It isnow  in good hands of people continuing the legacy she started. 

It has always been her aim to name her company starting with letter A – like ASOR or ADORACION. Such that letter A being the first letter in the alphabet, the company name can be the one of the first companies to come up when customers search for service providers. And hoping there will be a high probability that customers, patients and other consumers will immediately notice and select that company to give them the services they require. Accordingly,she came up with the name ASARICHA which starts with letter A followed by combinations of her family members’ names SA – Samuel, who is her grandson, RI – Rizalina, the owner, CH – Christoffer, her son and HA – Hallvard, her late husband.

Truly, the name sums up a part of her existence.