Serving Gastronomic Food

A vacation will never be complete without indulging to the place’s delicacies. You have

Among their Pampaganas (Appetizer) are Fries, Chicken Crops, Pork Sisig, Calamares and Sashimi.

For breakfast, Silog – SInangag (fried rice) + itLOG (egg) meals are available: Tapsilog (tapa+silog), Tocilog (tocino +silog), Hotsilog (hotdog + silog), Porksilog (porkchop + silog), Longsilog (Longganisa + silog), Bangsilog (Bangus + silog), and Beef Pares Silog.

Soup based dishes are also available. You can choose from Sinigang na Hipon, Sinigang na Isda or Sinigang na Belly.

A wide selection of main dishes is also available. They are divided into four categories: pork, beef, chicken and fish. You should not miss the Ilocano original igado and Pinoy favorite, the adobo. Their baby back ribs and schnitzel is a must try too. If you are not into pork, you may try their beef broccoli or beef steak. They also serve chicken wings ala Estancia and General Jenssen’s Chicken. And don’t forget to add some buttered fish fillet, stir fried seafood or mix seafood. Do not forget to try Ilocanos favorite pinakbet with bagnet, chopsuey and mix vegetable.

Pasta, desserts and roasted pork are also available.

Among the restaurant’s specialty is grilled squid, grilled hito, buttered garlic shrimp, buttered fish fillet and dynamite shrimp